case study | latte lane coffee co

A coffee drive-thru, specializes in crafting exceptional coffee creations while fostering genuine connections with their customers. 

the client

High end, classy, modern, fun, inviting 


“Loree seriously you KNOCKED THIS out of the park. I love all of it so much!” – Heather, Latte Lane Owner  

THE praise

Heather Schrenkgost, Latte Lane's owner, sought a clean, classic, and professional logo redesign and identity system to unify her brand visually. The goal was to create a logo that didn't rely on typical coffee imagery and conveyed outstanding coffee and a friendly atmosphere. 

the challenge

With custom lettering and a heart + accent playing off of latte coffee art, the final logo perfectly captures Latte Lane's essence, and the visual identity package offers the Client a cohesive to use across all aspects of her business.  

THE solution



With a visual identity guide in hand, the Client and her team effortlessly design branded items, such as these adorable cold brew labels, cold cups, and embroidered beanies.

• Logo and Identity Guidelines
• Instagram Highlight Icons
• Custom Vinyl Stickers
• Hot Coffee Cups

the deliverables

I am committed to maintaining an inclusive business that cultivates a positive experience for all backgrounds no matter their race, religion, or orientation. It is important to me that you know that you are safe working with me and I am here to support your journey in love or your business ventures, equally and without discrimination. I believe in cultivating inclusion and supporting the diversity of all people, relationships, cultural backgrounds, and spiritual practices. All are welcome here and I am ready to learn and listen where necessary. This is a safe and positive space for all.